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Default Re: Glory Class Action Suit

As easy as it may seem I don't believe that you can pick up any spare parts for your 952 foot long, 110,000 ton cruise ship at any local marina..........

I didn't know that "inadequate maintanence" was supposed to be the reason for the problem!

I believe Carnival runs their ships NON-STOP every day an average of 3 years before they go into drydock. How they can fix much of anything without some sort of disruption would amaze me and no doubt be a pretty incredible feat!

I don't think that we need to force Carnival to improve. They have done a pretty good job of it on their own.
They didn't get as big as they are by upsetting a few hundred people on a couple of cruises.
They did it by making many millions of cruisers very happy.

I don't think that any class action law suit will do anything either. I'm sure that Carnival has more layers on retainers than we can imagine. Proving that it was some sort of a conspiracy will be very hard and they have he ability to drag it on in court for a long time.

Those of you that pledged not to ever sail Carnival again I would suggest that you hurry up and book your next cruise before Carnival owns ALL of the current cruiselines.

They own most of them now anyway..........................

I hope that it all works out for those of you that feel more is needed.
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