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Default Re: Glory Class Action Suit

As I've said from the beginning.. Carnival should accept more responsibility for the mechanical breakdown. No reason the customer should take ALL the risks. All along I've said a 15 - 25% discount on a future cruise would seem reasonable... but then Carnival doesn't listen to me!

BUT.. sometimes mechanical breakdowns are simply not forseeable.

I don't know if it's happened to you, but it has happened to me.........

Driving down the highway in a relatively new vehicle, and it simply breaks down. Do we keep a trunk full of extra parts to cover every possible situation?

Realistically no one can say they booked this trip SOLEY for the 20 -22 hrs they were going to spend on St. Thomas and St. Martin. They were also paying for the cruise experience that would fill all the other hours of a 7 night cruise.

So... seek fair compensation for the part of the cruise that you didn't receive.

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