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Default Re: Glory Class Action Suit

What is shocking is to see all the grief that was given here to other readers and the staff over no jumping in and taking up their cause when on the Usenet in a newsgroup about cruising an individual complained that while on RCI his wife was sick and wanted to leave the ship in Key West, the first stop. They were informed that because of the PSA they would be assessed a $300 fine. The guy went ballistic and called the staff onboard some profane names. They then found themselves with both of them tossed off the ship in Key West and both charged the $300. Later the only thing RCI did was refund the $300 because the Government did not assess that charge. No refund, no apology, nothing but a swift kick in the butt. The really strange thing is that the people on the newsgroup who are usually known to be nasty people towards the Cruiselines had no sympathy for this couple and basically said you got what you deserved, tough! That of couse has never and will never happen here as it is a moderated site but it shows what some experianced cruisers feel about some things and some complaints!

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