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while it is true it is important to have travel insurance, and I have it always, but people need to be aware it DOES NOT cover you for all reasons for cancelations. Also plans vary, and you have to read the fine print. Whether you take insurance from the cruise, your TA, privately, whether part of your employment insurance plan, you must read the policy and determine if it is the best coverage for you and your needs.

Also, it must be recognized most basic plans, do not cover any pre existing illness, so you need to buy extra if you want to be covered for these issues. If you have preexisting issues, you need to be sure that you make other plans. Like I always bring the emergency drugs that I may need IV , I have contact via email with my docs at home, I arrange head of time places I can get blood work done and sent off by fax to my doctors if need be, and I of course make aware either the airline or cruise of my issues should I need help.

It sounds like this poster had to cancel for a reason other than medical, but thought it was a good time to remind people to look at their plans and cover their Butts so to speak.
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