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Default Re: Glory Class Action Suit

So.. WES.. even if everything you and others have said IS true (though I personally think much is, and some is just rumors and hearsay)... What would you like the people on the CruiseMates web site do????

No one here can give you compensation.

What you need to do, to have a chance at any further compensation, is to deal with Carnival. Since you said you didn't book this with a TA, but Carnival's Vacation Planners, you're going to have to go after this yourself.

You have Jennifer De La Cruz's name, and you have Vickki Freed's name. One's the head of Carnival PR, the other the head of Guest Relations. Those seem like pretty good places to start.

But when you do, use reason. Start YELLING at them, and telling them you'll never cruise Carnival again, and you can be assured their human nature will kick in, and they'll shut you out.

Present a well reasoned letter, telling them what compensation would make you happy, and you might stand a chance!

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