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Default Re: Glory Class Action Suit

FACT: None of this would have spun out of control on this board if we weren't lectured and ridiculed by individuals who did not have anyof these facts

WES.. another fact. This is a public message board, and everyone is entitled to an opinion, right or wrong. This "spun out of control" when people who WERE on the Glory let their emotions run amok and strike out at anyone who disagreed... whether they were trying to help or not.

We were VERY tolerant of all the posts and all the silly accusations and innuendos, but some of the folks who WERE on the Glory chose to ignore the numerous warnings to post on topic, and in accord with our guidelines.

Some of those folks continued to ignore those warnings, and are now unfortunately no longer allowed to post.

Through all the nonsense.. the information for those who want to pursue their claims with Carnival was made available.... the way to contact the attorney who is "apparently" willing to do a class-action suit, the names of two people who are fairly "high up" in the Carnival food chain.

If the name calling, and accusations weren't flying, this information would be more visible to those coming to the site looking for it. Instead, though available, it's piled in with the "mud"!

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