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We just did that cruise at 2 weeks ago.

In PV we did the canapy zipline thing. It was a lot of fun. If you arn't really afraid of hights I would suggest that. We had a friend that did the ATV, and really enjoyed it. The shopping in PV is ok. Cabo has the best shopping but you don't stay there long enough to do that and an excursion. If you want to go to the flee market do it at the pier. The one in town is a long walk from the rest of the shopping. One warning about bringing alchole onboard in PV. We had a couple infront of us at the check point at the pier who had put vodka or rum in a water bottle to bring onboard. The security person shook the bottle and saw all the bubbles that it made and opened it to smell, and then took it away. However, we had some friends that brought a sealed bottle onboard and the people at the scanners didn't say anything. So if you plan on bringing any alc. on keep it sealed in a bag. You have to be back on the boat at 5 or so, so you wont be able to see the nightlife.

Just a heads up on taxi's in PV. They don't seem to feel that the lanes mean anything there. They just go were there is room for the car to fit. I would recammend wearing your seatbelt.

In Mazatlan we got a 4 seat ATV and drove ourselves around the town. It only cost us $25, but we did have to sit thru a 1 hr timeshare thing. It was worth it though for the freedom of going were we wanted when we wanted. I would say that the shopping in PV is better than Mazatlan. I would suggest doing a excursion there. IF you go to the light house be warned that the sewage treatment plant is at the bottom of it and the smell WILL make you gag.
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