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But I will never, EVER forgive them losing the Fantome. We had sailed over 40 weeks (combined) on her. We knew many of the men lost. We believed their line "NOOA blew forcast and we listened to NOOA", hook, line, and sinker. To read that they KNEW the ship should have fled North of Mexico Yucatan and couldn't because of unpaid bills, even while the Burkes were playing grab-arse in their multi-million dollar mansions...
I'm really upset to read this, I also beleived what they said, where did you read that they knew? I would like to read the article that was in, it makes me very sad to read your statement. I'm so sorry for the crew. I too sailed on that ship and loved every second of it and vowed not to sail again unless it was on the Fantome. Do you mean to tell me that back then they had unpaid bills? I never would have thought that. It's awful what happened to those men, worse now.[/quote]
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