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Day 1 Pre-cruise

For years I’ve had a very strong belief within myself that people weren’t meant to voluntarily climb in huge metal tubes, and be thrust skyward in hopes that it’s going to end up in at least the general direction of a predetermined destination.
Truly aeronautical engineers should be the only people who fly. I’m one of the legions of people who board an airplane with no concept whatsoever of how they get these things off the ground, and once there, how they get them going in the right direction. I board an airplane with my blind faith ALONE – along with one and a half carry-ons (one the size of France that I know I can squeeze in to the overbid given enough time). Though I go through this exercise in faith quite often I do have reflective moments each and every time I do so.
Once airborne I admit to being oddly thrilled that once again a phenomenon of physics (that I’ll never comprehend) is in control of my life. I’ve now flown hundreds of time and my faith in the system of flight has grown so strong I’ve come to believe that in most cases I’ll get where I’m going. And my cynicism has diminished almost to the point that I believe my luggage might arrive at my destination with me.
The fact that it takes me longer to get to Florida than it does to get to Europe still has me stumped, but I just have to assume that it’s a space time continuum thingy.
At any rate, other than taking 3 lifetimes, our flight to Miami was uneventful, and our bags rolled off the conveyor belt faster than ever before. A quick transition to get our rental car, and we were checking into the Holiday Inn, across from Bayside Market Place shortly after 1 AM. We’ve never stayed at this hotel before because I’ve always been very lucky using Priceline in Miami, and getting superb rates at excellent hotels in the area. This trip, no such luck. While this hotel is in an excellent location, and adequate, at the $165 rate we found online, there’s no comparison to the magic of Priceline getting the 4 Star InterContinental- just down the street- for $100 (did get that for our post cruise stay).
A cruise friend in Boynton Beach invited us as well as other cruise friends for a terrific lunch today, so we spent the day driving the 50 miles up I 95 and back… but most certainly worth it to see good friends who we only get to see on Florida visits or on cruises!

After about an hour to relax, we walked across to Bayside Market Place, to meet some of the Freedom For Turkeys group at the Hard Rock Café. About 30 of the 40 we were expecting showed up. It’s always a bit difficult to plan pre-cruise get-togethers as some people arrive more tired than they anticipate, or their metal tubes bring them later than scheduled. In any event, it was fun to see some old friends again, and to meet new ones. We’ve been doing these groups for some time now, and it never fails… cruisemates are great people… even the ones who showed up wearing turkeys on their heads!
I took quite a number of pictures, which I was going to load with today’s story… but “the best laid plans?…. For some reason my computer is not recognizing my flash drive.. so I can’t load them. This will be addressed for future reports. I do have another camera, along with proper connection chords if all else fails. Heck… I flew across the continent with my luggage. Not everything can go glitchless.
Tomorrow we board the Freedom, and sail to the Caribbean. Excellent!
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