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DI is Diamonds International. They are a chain that you will see all over the Caribbean. And they are now here if Florida. I assume that their prices are consistent from store to another. The item I bought was from their store in Belize. I would rather buy it there than here just since that makes it a fun memory.
Overall, I don't really think that cruise shopping is as good as it used to be. Not complaining, just my opinion. There are so many cruise passengers now that shops in ports dont really need to price their merchandise super low to get customers.
Just FYI, cruise ships will arrange deals with certain shops. They call them recommended shops and the cruise line will help out if you don't get what you paid for. But, those tend to be the most expensive shops. Usually, I prefer to just find something unique and consider it a souvenir. As long as it costs little enough to "earn its keep" as a memory, I'm not concerned with actual monetary value or not. But, for high ticket items, I will go to the recommended stores...well, most of the time, anyway.
Happy shopping!
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