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Originally Posted by Brian and Phyllis in Ohio
Originally Posted by kd

I already answered the question, and no, a smoking ship won't hurt me as I would never be on it. You and those of similar ilk are free to destroy your health, enjoy your smoke. By the way, you may stay in the smoking area but your smoke certainly is not! Nor does it disappear from draperies, carpet etc. when you leave. So no, the problem is not solved. I'm out of here, arguing against smoking is such a no-brainer.
My “ilk?? Ouch. There is no need to be so vituperate.

As my old teacher once said, when you make the attack personal you have admitted you cannot win on facts alone and therefore have lost the debate.

Pity, I was not taking it personally.
Webster defines 'ilk' as "sort or kind", in other words those of similar mind or thinking. So no, there was nothing 'vituperate' (harsh condemnatory language) nor personal attack in my post. Nice word, by the way; it would be the appropriate term for frequent posts in this forum, but not this one.
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