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I just posted on the RCCL thread. I do not know Carnival's contract language, but it is whatever it was when you booked. I would guess Carnival being able to change a contract on their own whim -- only they have to put it in wiriting and sign it -- would be against public policy and against the law if challenged. I think those of you who have paid in full have a particularly strong case, as you have fulfilled your end of the bargain, and you are only waiting performance by Carnival.

In any case, take a look at this.,norris,1997

"Under the agreements, the cruise lines can no longer charge customers any fees in addition to the advertised initial ticket price except those fees actually passed on by the company to a governmental agency."

I hope others will join us in writing a complaint to the AG of Florida -- you can use the link given and just hit the contact button on the top. Also write or email your state's AG, as you contract is enforceable in your state.

The complaint is not that a fuel surcharge is not justified for NEW bookings, but that it shouldn't be applied to current bookings under deposit unless the contract allowed for it (RCCL'S didn't and I'd guess that Carnival's didn't until the surcharge was imposed), and you should be outraged that it is being charged to bookings which have been paid in full.
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