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Kuki glad you made it on board safe & sound. I really liked the new terminal. I was impressed at the speed they got us onboard. I also found they had streamlined the check in process. It was very painless.
If the Freedom is like our Carnival Cruise last month, the frigid temps may persist. In one of the shops they had wraps in a variety of colors for $10. I can tell you that was the best $10 I ever spent. They staved off the cold and weren't quite as bulky as wearing the duvet. Some folks were so cold they resorted to wearing their bathrobes to the theatre, since I think thats where they kept the meat when the theatre wasn't being used. I am not sure if the temps are cool to boost the sales of the wraps or if the wraps are selling so briskly because of the cold temps. But by the end of the cruise most everyone on the ship had bought one.
I hope you are not exiled to eating all week in the washroom, hopefully the MaitreD will rescue your party.

BTW I really enjoyed your down to earth description of your time at the Holiday Inn...does that mean I should be glad I am staying at the Hyatt?

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