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Hi Lindsey,

I'm a 67 year old straight female who loves to travel. I'm in really good shape taking mostly walking vacations. However, I am planning a cruise to Australia/New Zealand for Jan-Feb-or Mar 2009 (yes 2009). I prefer Holland America. I plan to make a commitment by the end of this month.

I won't be taking a cruise in 2008 since I am going on a walking vacation to Hawaii in March and a walking vacation to Peru and Ecuador in May.

I have my own gym in my house with a fitness center class treadmill, a pilates performer, and a spinner bicycle. I try to work out every day. I have lots of energy!

I don't smoke (and don't want to be around it) but I do drink wine almost every night.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in business and I retired in 1995. I have one daughter and two grandchildren - both in college.

Besides my fitness passion, I love to read and play with my Yorkie.

If you're interested in communicating further, please email me at
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