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Hi Lindsay-

My husband and friends either don´t have the vacation time/flexibility I do--or else they have other things going on such as children and the like to occupy discretionary time and income. Let me rephrase that: My husband doesn´t have the time. He has no children that I am aware of....

I´m 39 and often mistaken for younger (I don´t particularly care as it´s a good age to be as far as I´m concerned) and work in critical care/ trauma/ OR. I´m reasonably fit, don´t smoke but enjoy the social martini and turned to these boards because I´m tired of working my vacations around other people´s limited schedules. I enjoy all types of travel, but don´t wish to pay the single supplement. I´m not in the same tax bracket as your state mate Mr. Gates, but I prefer a modicum of creature comforts when I travel. Did the backpack through Europe thing and the drink myself silly Cancun Spring Break thing 20 odd years ago and have little wish to repeat those experiences as I approach what my friends´teens feel is my dotage.

I prefer Celebrity but am open to other lines. Am flexible on itins also. Am basically a few steps up from computer illiterate and have no idea what wizards of warcraft is, but if it makes you happy and doesn´t keep me up at night--it´s ok by me. (is it that game with all the dice and stuff?)

I like travel, pets, books, dining, exercise, beaches, cities, sleeping, museums, shows, concerts, shopping, etc. Not the velcro type but would enjoy doing things with other like minded individuals.
That´s more than enough for a first time post. Thanks!
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