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Originally Posted by Nothin but blue skies
I have booked 5 cabins for April 2008 on the Fantasy out of New Orleans. On Saturday, I received a letter from the travel agent notifying us that we are being charged a fuel surcharge in the amount ot $25 per person. This applicable only to the first two people in the cabin, so this will cost me another $250.

I understand the surcharge since fuel prices are up, but I don't agree with having them added to cruises that were booked several months in advance of the travel date.
Yours is a more complicated problem than RCI's. Our contract was clear that there would be no price increases except for taxes and government fees. Somewhere I have read your contract language which would indicate they could always assess you more. However, Carnival was under the settlement of 1997, brought about by the Fl Atty General because of excessive port fees being added to bills. So I wonder if, given that settlement, Carnival could have had any contract language other than what that settlement called for -- which was no changes in the initial price except for taxes and government fees. Your initial price did not include a fuel surcharge when you booked. In other words, even though they changed the contract language before the assessment, was it legal for them to do that given the settlement?

Even though you have a more complicated situation, I would use the above posted link and file a complaint with the Fl Atty General. It is not going to hurt you, but it could, maybe, help you.
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