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Hi, there are a ton of fun things to know and do.
dont miss the Adventures away Party as you leave port. The pirate party is another must, the fireworks are awesome!!

Even though the room serivce menu doesnt say it, you can order Mickey bars and in the evening you can order WARM cookies, usually chocolate chip.

you can also being a set of pre washed pillowcases or a matte style picture frame, put it in a zip lock baggie with water proof markers and take this to the guest services desk the first day and ask to have it autographed. The last night of the cruise the items will be returned to your room all signed. for free! it makes for a nice souvenir or surprize for someone.

if you havnt done it already on the DCL website you can order a free DVD that tells you about the ship. It is fun to watch.

you can buy a book called the Passporter which is full of awesome information about all Disney cruises.

On CC on the newest bike path is an observation tower. this makes for a great view of the island and for some awesome photos of the area. If you go up on it, be sure and llook down around the area too becasue disney has some whimsical things around the tower that can only be seen from the tower.

on CC you can have your photo taken with Captain Jack Sparrow with the Flying Dutchman behind you. This is an AWESOME photo. check your navigator paper for the times. he is only there twice for 30 minutes. Lines are short and move fast because people all want to get to the beach,s o stop for the photo, it is great!!
But remember you must walk to the beach to do this photo, the tram doesnt stop where he is. it is a nice walk.

on Pirate night they also have 2 times in the evening where you can have a photo with him. you are invited to dress like apirate at dinner and for the party so it really looks cool to have your photo in your pirate attire with captain jack.

This does line up fast!! arrive 15 to 20 minutes early. we left dinner without dessert to arrive early, I was so glad we did!! But they have a buffet after the pirate party including dessert so you wont really miss anything.

take your camera with you everywhere you go!! even dinner or out on deck. surprizes and characters appear everywhere!!

look on cruise meet boards for your cruise date tomeet others on your cruise. This is lots of fun and your daughter may get to make friends with other kids on the ship before you cruise. It is nice for kids to have a friend waiting for them.

kids can order from adult or kids menu

I have been to Nassau many times so if your thinking an excursion there I may be able to tell you something about it.
feel free to ask any questions and I will try to help you.

I will be off line from friday until dec 2nd due to a 7 day DCL cruise fter Thanksgiving, but before and after that i will be around for questions if you want.

There are just so many things to say, what I have posted ot you about are some things that most new cruisers dont know because it isnt listed anywhere to read.


20 DCL cruises and counting!
1 Carnival Glory cruise

Waiitng for the new ships to arrive for more magical cruises!!
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