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Hi Andrio,

I told you I'd give you an update on Maho Beach when we got back from Freedom. Of course, when we hit St Maarten, we went there. Had a great time as usual and enjoyed some great burgers at beer at Sunset Beach Bar. The beach is still pretty much gone. The biggest patch of sand is right next to the bar but otherwise it's pretty much boulders from the wall that is the edge of the road, down almost to the water. They used to be under sand until it washed out. From looking at it, we kind of thought that if you were there at low tide, you might have a pretty good patch of sand to use but when the tide comes up, the sand line slowly gets flooded. I was talking to my brother who is always checking pictures of the beach from the beach bar's webcam and we were saying how this is the longest we've seen it like this without it filling back in. He's actually going to call the bar and ask them what they know about it and how long the cycle usually takes. I'll let you know what they say when he tells me. But, that being said, we still had a great time. I went in the water and we enjoyed the usual scenery, both fixed and flying by. Unless you had your heart set on sunning on the sand, the place is still the same as always and worth the trip. Hope you get to make it there.

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