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Originally Posted by Nothin but blue skies
Your response is very interesting. I did look a the link and (maybe I am missing something, or just plain dumb), but I don't quite understand contacting the Florida AG. I live in Alabama, I sail from Louisians and the ships are not US ships. I am not being sarcastic, but would really like to know how my contacting the FL AG is going to help.

I do intend to read Carnival's contract though and, even if it says they can add on, I am going to contact them about this.
Your own state AG should be contacted because the contract can be enforced in your state, and your consumer protection laws may differ. Many of the lines have their primary office in Miami, and the Fl AG had taken up cases regarding them before (including Carnival) -- where a ship is flagged, is not necessarily where the corporation is incorporated, but in any case, most states require a filing within the state where a company does business which gives jurisdiction. I am flying by the seat of my pants a bit here, but that is how I see it.
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