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Originally Posted by Lynne&Trevor
Hi Lisa,
It sounds as if you had a wonderful time. We know a Kim and Jack who have posted on our board and who have been at Cruisemates dinners. I wonder if they are the same couple!!! Kimjack is their user name.

Also, I think another friend and his wife and mother-in-law were on your cruise-Ross and Diane and her mother. I think they probably had a suite. We were on the Star Princess with them in 2005. Ross was telling us something about going to Normandy before they left.

Trevor and I have spoken about wanting to take a TA cruise sometime. First, we have to get over our dislike for flying! That has kept us cruising in the Caribbean for all our voyages so far. He wants to see Normandy and some of those places, too. He was overseas-Italy, etc. while on a carrier in the Navy. Our next door neighbors have taken a TA over and said that everything is expensive until you step off the ship!! .

I'm glad you had such a wonderful cruise. It will be a good memory for you. And, I love all those trivia games, too!

On our Connie TA this past Sept. we had a couple who took Amtrak to NY from Atlanta and took cunard's Queen mary II over, then spent 5 days in England and and then crossed back with us. The wife is english and they dislike flying. They say they do this every year.
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