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Default It costs $1.28 MORE to cruise

Nov. 22 – Freedom
It seems it now costs an extra $1.28 per person to cruise! That is on top of the recently announced fuel surcharges of $5 per person. The $1.28 seems to be an unannounced tax grab. It’s listed in our folio charges as a Miami Port Facility fee. I hadn’t noticed it, but one of the other cruisemates did, and the explanation given at guest relations was that the fee was set by the government, applying to all passengers, on all cruise lines. I have no idea if that’s the case, but it is the explanation being given onboard.
I want to wish a Very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone reading this virtual cruise report. Hope you’re spending it with family and friends, and eating as much as we are.
Sometime in the future you may well want to consider getting your entire family as well as friends to take a cruise for Thanksgiving. Holiday sailings are normally quite expensive. Christmas and New Year’s cruises, for example can easily run an extra $400-500 per person. Thanksgiving cruises, however, can often be found at bargain pricing, and I think they are one of the best times of year to cruise. Most everyone is in a very good mood, and enjoying one of the best American holidays. It’s a time to enjoy spending time with those you care for, without any other worries. So doing so on a cruise makes it even better, as the cruise lines do the cooking and cleaning.
The ship is already decorated for the upcoming holidays, so the atmosphere is also very festive.
Last night was the big deck party of the cruise, and there was definitely a participatory bunch on this cruise. Todd and his cruise staff had the ship pumped up with all sorts of antics in the ship’s bars and lounges before the deck party even began. There was no elaborate buffet or any particular theme, just some finger foods, the Caribbean band playing, and lots of high energy which everyone seemed to be enjoying.
We went to sleep last evening with some fairly substantial white caps bouncing off the hull. There have been several nights during the cruise where the ship has been bouncing around pretty good. It hasn’t been to the point of seeing any white bags left around the public areas, but we’ve most certainly experienced some “motion in the ocean?. Last night I thought perhaps it was because we were trying to make up for some lost time, but this morning we woke up to find we were still moving along at quite a clip. Most of the afternoon was spent at 20 knots, which seems a bit unusual for a sea day… where historically I remember the ships sort of crawling along, allowing passengers to enjoy a relatively calm day at sea.
I began struggling this morning with a raw throat; the general precursor I get before a cold. Hoping I’m wrong, but I’ve been dragging myself around much of the day, and even took a nap to try and beat this before it happens.
Tonight was the final formal night onboard, and the crowd was pretty well dressed. Interestingly, I’ve noticed, and discussed with others, that the kids on this cruise have been very appropriately dressed. I think it speaks volumes about all their parents. It’s good parenting, and not always easy, to convince young kids and teens that a cruise is a special occasion, that requires appropriate clothing.
One of Carnival’s best production shows, their Beatles tribute, was the main showroom entertainment tonight. We finished dinner quite quickly tonight, and went to the casino for awhile to entertain ourselves before the show. But I began to fade quite fast, so Mrs. Kuki and friends went to the show, and I just came back to the cabin to get some Zicam, and combat this developing cold. The Grand Buffet as well as an R rated midnight comedy show are still on tap for those who can last longer than me.
Tomorrow is the last sea day, as well as the last day of the cruise. Hopefully all will be well after a good night’s sleep, and I’ll be able to enjoy the day, and our CruiseMates cocktail party.

Plus.. I cruise again beginning Monday (you can read the Virtual Report for that on the Celebrity message board), so I certainly hope we stay healthy.
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