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Default Latest Updates, Nov 23rd

If you haven't seen it yet, I urge you all to read "the deal that got away" accessible from the news page. Two people who actually tried to buy Windjammer tell us how much the company is worth, and what went wrong with their deal

I spoke at length with these two gentlemen, and I can tell you that one of them was speaking to me because he was honestly worries about what was going to happen to the board of Windjammer. His concern was that legal charges would be coming soon, and that when they did he wanted to be on the good side, not the side that knew bad things were happening.

The other fellow put it this way, "I'm getting my pound of flesh. These people are the most direputable and unprofessional people I have ever dealt with in my entire business career."

What went wrong? I think the Burkes got caught up in their own mystery, and actually believed their customers loved their "pirate ways" enough that they could get away with anything.

All the Burkes have their unique attributes, MDB is cagey and slick. Joey is the baby and is described as probably in over his head...

Susan is the one who is most universally disliked, and even though I tended to "like" her when I first met her. I can easily see how persuasive she can be, and that she doesn't tell the truth.

Why? Either she is very cagey, or unfortunately, I believe she is the most delusional one of them all. I think it is actually possible she does not see how what she has done is wrong. It was just "business" to her. I never heard her express remorse or capitulation. She was the one who seemed to have her nose so high in the air she couldn't smell her own - you know what.

And that is generally what I hear from most other people as well.

Honestly, an attractive conservative lady, she strikes me as the kind of person who could easily have avoided a lot of heartache, if only she hadn't felt herself entitled to be treated in a special way. She didn't want to play by the rules, she wanted to make the rules, and that works when you're daddy's girl, but not in the world of business.
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