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Originally Posted by jacdenv24
I read all the fine print-ambiguous to say the least. They start out telling you the price cannot go up after you make the deposit, then proceed to list all the exceptions. "In addition, Celebrity reserves the right to assess air/sea guests a charge covering any fuel,security or other applicable surcharge increases assessed against Celebrity"
We really are at their mercy,aren't we? Nonetheless, we can hardly wait for Feb.8- our 5th. Celebrity cruise but first on the Constellation.
My take on that clause, particularly because it is right beneath the clause which says there will be no increase, except for taxes and other government fees, is that air/sea means those who booked their air through the line. If read this way, the statement makes sense, since the lines reserve blocks of air tickets well in advance, and they may be hit with added surcharges for the flight, not just fuel but TSA and airport fees, which they pass through to their air/sea customer. The fact that similar language is used in the area of the brochure dealing with booking air through the cruise lines, helps to confirm my readin, imo.
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