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my intention was to say that I think Joey is a well-meaning guy, but just not a natural-born leader.

My opinion is that Susan (and Polly to some extent) are the ones calling the shots, but Susan knows the Flotilla dislikes her. Universally, all my sources cites Susan as trhe "main problem" - saying she is almost sociopathic in her inability to take responsibility for her actions.

She wants to lead, and believes she knows what is best, but she also knows that at the helm she would lose any residual "love" that was there from the Flotilla and past passengers. Therefore, Joey is just the mouthpiece, but Susan is coalling the shots.

Does Joey know better, and have beet ideas that Susan, and can he suceed despite Susan's overbearing nature?

No, in my opinion. He isn't strong-willed enough to stand up to her, nor is she willing to give up control. He is GW Bush to her Cheney.

Keep in mind - Susan is the head of the sales & marketing division WBCL - the arm that brings in (brought) all the revenue. Of couyrse she thinks she knows more about the business than anyone else.

The problem is - she can't see past her own nose to see that some of her past decisions have not been workable.

I know people universally dislike MDB, and Susan right now. That is why they put Joey in as the mouthpiece. But my sources say the unspoken agreement in the family is that MDB will get the ships & Trinidad, and Susan will retain sales & marketing.

That is, if they can find someone to "invest" but still let them keep control.
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