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Default Re: How long a cruise is too long?

Originally Posted by blueliner
Having recently returned from a 9-night repo cruise on the Vision OTS as well as a short pre-cruise stay in Vancouver, my wife and I have decided to limit our cruises from here on to 7-nights or less. While we truly love being onboard a cruise ship, I just think more than 7 days can get to be too long onboard. Around days 7 or 8 we both were really starting to look forward to returning home.

Has anyone else experienced this? Perhaps it's different for retired people or those without pressing matters at home, cruises longer than the standard 7 nights would be ok. However, we were looking at a 10 night Hawaii cruise or a long European cruise, but instead we have decided to go do just a 7 night Southern Caribbean cruise next fall. I honestly don't know if I could do a back to back 14 nighter or a long Hawaii cruise, honestly, I can only lay around the pool for so long!

Any one else have thoughts on this?
Not to hijack the thread or anything, but how did you like the Vision of the Seas? My husband and I are cruising on VoS either in January or June to the Mexican Riviera.

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