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Default Re: Packing for December transatlantic...


Originally Posted by You
Boarding Century next week in Barcelona and after ten days through Spain, Morocco, Gibraltar and the Canary Islands will be crossing to Miami. Since the crossing is via the southern route, what can we expect temperature wise? Europe should be cool this time of year but not sure how to pack for the crossing itself.
Just add another sweater or two to the packing lists in the first post of the Packing Made Simple thread.

Around Barcelona, daytime temperatures in the 40's F (upper single digits C) are certainly possible in Barcelona and Gibraltar in December. If you don't need a heavy jacket at home, you probably can get by with a fairly heavy sweater or sweatshirt and a spring/fall jacket in your carry-on. Of course, warmer daytime temperatures -- even in the 70's F (lower 20's C) in Gibraltar -- are equally possible, and this sort of layering gives you the flexibility to adapt to whatever you encounter. I suggest adding a sweater or two to the packing lists because you probably will want two or three sweaters of colors such that one or another will coordinate with each of your daytime outfits.

The normal range of temperature grows progressively warmer as you head southwestward to Morocco and the Islas Canarias. The Islas Canarias and Miami are in a subtropical region where daytime temperatures in the 70's and 80's F (20's C) are most likely, and you probably will remain in this subropical region for the whole crossing. Of course, both warmer and cooler weather are always possible. The packing list has enough shorts and slacks (for guys) and skirts (for gals) so you can adapt fairly easily to the actual conditions that you encounter en route, and you can always toss on a sweater or a light jacket if you encounter abnormally cool weather during the transit.

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