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Final Wrap-Up – Freedom
When did Carnival start giving my luggage the run around? Now, in Terminal E, at the Port of Miami. Carnival has introduced the airport style luggage carousels. Gone is the warehouse style, color coded system, with luggage lying everywhere. It’s likely more people than not prefer the new conveyor system. Not me! I’m a traditionalist, and I much prefer climbing over people and luggage to get at my bags to make certain they won’t decay before I get to them. At any rate, even though I tried to delay it, we had our bags, and were at the InterContinental Hotel in Miami, attempting to check in by 9:30 A.M.
(Scene fades to indicate flashback). We were in no rush to get off the ship, as we had no plans other than to check in to the InterContinental Hotel in Miami. The notice we received the night prior said we could stay in your cabins until 8:30 A.M., even though the cabin stewards make you feel they’d like you out with your luggage the night before.
By 7 A.M. on disembarkation day, all the announcements you had to run into the hall all week to hear are now being replayed simultaneously at HIGH volume inside your cabin. But relax in your cabin if you like.
As Platinum Concierge Club members we had Priority 1 tags, but chose to relax on Lido Deck for a period after those tags were called. When we finally did decide it was time to say goodbye I was pleasantly surprised to see how organized everything was. There was no fighting with the crowds to get through the gangway area on Deck 3. We walked quickly into the terminal, through Customs and Immigration, and were done in record time.
I’d fully intended to end this Virtual Cruise with a mini-review summarizing our feelings, but sadly my head’s in a fog, and getting anything in order, and on paper succinctly does not look possible at this time.
Maybe some of our CruiseMates turkey friends returning home can help along here sharing the cruise through their eyes.
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