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Default Re: Re: Sail and Sign account

this whole sign & sail card business has been a big sticking point for our group of 20 people. I have called carnival 3 times....received 3 different answers...on the third cll i requested a manager answer and give me his name. We have 3 kids...18-20. they want their own sing & sail accounts despite being in their parents cabin. Thats no problem i was told on all 3 occassions. after being told several amounts that would Have to be placed ont he account at embarkation....the end result was thus:
the prepaid $10 a day tip must be put on the it cash or credit, doesnt matter. and that they have changed the policy and now...aside from the pre-paid tip, anything over that is at Your Own Discretion. There is no longer a minimum that must be put on the account. this was a big releif for 3 kids not old enuff to drink. they are buying pop cards and dont really shop, so they want to save their $$ for ports and woul dhave hated to waste it sitting in some sing & sail account, useless to them.
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