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Originally Posted by FredJourney
Originally Posted by DougR.
Originally Posted by FredJourney
I agree why do people have to slam doors. Same thing happens in hotels and its 4* & 5 * hotels as well. I have had a few conversations with people about this while traveling. I also confronted a neighbor once on a cruise. They had kids playing in the hallway running back and forth swinging off the rails at 2 AM. I asked them nicely to stop and he said "we paid for our cruise like you did" of course they were in an inside cabin across the way from our suite. You know the loud "redneck" nascar fan types. I finally told them that it was going to stop or I would get security it got quiet after that.

Getting next to the door slammers is just the luck of the draw sometimes. Some doors have poor designs and are much louder then others. I have poked my head out the door many times to see what idiot keeps slamming the door.
I resent your characterization of NASCAR fans. I happen to be one. I also have an MBA, all of my teeth, wear a tux on formal night, use proper table manners and can conduct myself quietly in public.

Time to get your nose out of the air :evil:
Well I never said all, but we know the type I am talking about. They guy who wears blue jeans the entire trip and the NASCAR T-Shirts. The passenger who brags about not owning a tie. He also is loud, rude and a peon. You know the type we all know it. Like it or not we all have had to deal with "bubba jr." as I call them before. This is a gripe board if you can't handle it because it hurts your "wittle" feelings then move on.
I have been on this board for years and you have 5 posts total, how can you presume to tell me to move on? This is a gripes board not a hostility board. If your obviously inflated ego is offended becuase you were called for an unwarranted stereotype maybe you are the one whose "wittle" feelings got hurt. Please do not try to make up the rules of engagement until you are appointed to the Cruisemates staff.

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