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I enjoyed reliving the week through your eyes. I'm sorry about your dining issues, but our table and servers were awesome. Easily the best we've had. Noah (our 7yo) tried my creme brulee the first night, and requested it the second even though it wasn't on the menu. He didn't get it Sunday, but Felix made sure he had one for him every other night of the cruise! Nancy also took excellant care of us, so they got a very nice additional tip from us! The kids were very spoiled by them!!! Tonight they started to tell me what they wanted for starters - but I put a stop to that right away. I was cooking, so they were lucky they were eating at all!

The lido was wonderful. We really enjoyed the terraced deck, so everyone had a good view of everything that was going on - especially during the horse races! Also, the blue plastic rockers were quite comfortable. They rocked all on their own along with the movement of the ship! Not the prettiest, but they were fun.

Hope all the other Cruisemates had a safe trip home. We are very sad it's over, but feel so blessed to have met so many new friends. You all are so welcoming and entertaining! We can't wait to do another Cruisemates trip!

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