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Originally Posted by Nothin but blue skies
I have booked 5 cabins for April 2008 on the Fantasy out of New Orleans. On Saturday, I received a letter from the travel agent notifying us that we are being charged a fuel surcharge in the amount ot $25 per person. This applicable only to the first two people in the cabin, so this will cost me another $250.

I understand the surcharge since fuel prices are up, but I don't agree with having them added to cruises that were booked several months in advance of the travel date.
I am new to this forum so hello to everyone. This fuel surcharge is what lead me to this site. I put a group together and booked 35 rooms with Carnival for August of 2008. I understand the need for the fuel surcharge but I don't understand adding it after I have booked the rooms. When I called Carnival about it they told me that they knew people would be upset about it. I was told that if 50 percent of the people canceled that would be okay with them. They know that for each person that cancels someone else would take their place. Like others have said, I will pay the money and continue to cruise.

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