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Get a grip...certain things I can expect the cabin steward to sort out before I take over a cabin ie, fart smell of previous occupant removed, change the sheets, hoover the carpet etc, But asking them to remove the "brew your own still" from my room is a step to far.

Plus that would only work on cruises of days 21+, those seven day ones don’t allow you enough time to smuggle the sugar on board or give you the fermenting time. Unless of course you are stealing all the little sugar packets from dining and buffet for your said still.

So what do you have now, a sugar shortage on ship for everyone’s coffee and tea, plus the trail of little bits of paper in your hurry to get them open to place in your still.

I accept all "specialist" cruises, Gay, Nude, under 10 only (thats what they can look like) or the Christian fundamentalists....but there are flaws in this idea
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