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Wow! I loved your post. Let's see if I can hit the major points. 37 y/o SWF looking to cruise for the first time ever. Would be open to a travel/cruise buddy for the future. I'm a single mom so I have to choose my time but am currently looking at the summer.

I am also a non-smoker and drink occassionally. Also somewhat shy so I'm not sure how that will play out on a cruise. It really seems like a good idea to set up my own roommate. Someone to talk and plan out excursions.

I love to read, play Scrabble and the TV show the West Wing. I don't work out but I keep meaning too, I'm hoping to maybe hit the gym on ship and develop that habit. I do like to shop but that's not my focus for the cruise, I really want down time without having to drive, etc.

As for politics and religion, same here - aren't anything I'm passionate enough about for lengthy conversations on the subject anyway.

Trips I like to take: Alaska, the Caribbean, South America, Canada, and the Mediterranean. The only difference is Canada and it just seems cool to take a cruise out of NYC, plus I've never been to Canada.

Okay, so hopefully my reply didn't scare you off and you'll reply. Or happy cruising if you're already set.

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