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Let's put it this way: we were a group of 21, most seasons travelers; there was one couple that did nothing but gripe about almost everything, a real downer in my estimation: another couple didn't say much, the other 17 had a good to totally outstanding time and loved the ship.
I usually ask everyone I come in contact with if they are having a good time or enjoying the ship, whatever. The last morning I did meet a family of 3, a couple in their early 40s with mom. they said the ship wasn't nearly as nice as the first time they cruised her, 5 years ago. I would guess not, she was close to new then. They did mention the food quality wasn't up to par, again, I agree. This is the same on every single line. Read any thread, be it Celebrity down to Carnival; everyone says the food isn't like 10 years ago, but the prices have remained somewhat similar, something has to give. Keeping this in mind most reviews on the Star are even mome positive than the one I posted on another board. You should have a great time.

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