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Default Re: thanks!!

Originally Posted by hawley0403
Oh good info - thanks so much! I have not set anything up for Acapulco and have heard the same - kind of a dirty town with lots of beggars, etc. I'm thinking some beach time would work out well there. I did set up the canopy tour for PV and am very excited about that.

I've been reading the posts like crazy about bringing wine onboard, etc. Sounds like I can bring it on and do not have to pay corkage unless I ask the restaurants to open it for me. I'm wondering - does the same fee apply no matter the size (i.e. big bottles, boxes, etc)? I'm also wondering about the weather and swimming. This time of year, do you know what to expect? I'm wondering if the water might be too cold for swimming in December.

Thanks again - great to have experienced travelers give me some tips!
As for wine, no you can not bring it on without paying the $15 fee per bottle. They will collect as soon as you go through the X ray area or if they spot it in your sent through luggage you will have to report to the naughty room. There you will have the option of paying or having them keep the wine until the night prior to the end of the cruise. As for size, it seems there is just the $15 charge for a .750 liter or a 1.5 liter bottle. The price for a box can range, depending on the crews mood I have heard. It seems if a 3 or 5 liter box is sent through with the luggage, packed very well they may not charge you anything, but don't count on this.

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