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Default Re: Dont do it!

Originally Posted by cbashaw
Just got off the Norwegian Star this past Saturday(11/24). Never again! Worst, most expensive vacation ever!! The food was awful, the entertainment was horrible(except the magician and the Chinese Acrobats). The magician performed his last show on this cruise, so no telling what will replace him. You have to stand in line @ 6:30am to make dinner reservations for the following evening...even for the "free" restaurants. No reservation means that you have to eat at the buffet, which is not fit for a dog.

Do yourself a favor, chose any other cruise line or better yet, dont cruise at all. The only one in our party that enjoyed the cruise was our 10 year old boy. He doesnt mind eating bad pizza and mac/cheese every day and can roam the ship by himself and eat ice cream every day...a 10 year old's dream. We ended up paying $80-$120 every night for dinner at the better restaurants, because the "free" food was inedible. Total cost was app $1,000.00/day!!
You know, after reading so many other reviews from people who were on the same ship and your comment above about choosing another line or maybe not cruising at all I have to ask you, was this your first cruise? It sounds like cruising just wasn't your thing. I have read a few reviews from people that did comment on the number of kids on the ship and the problems with getting reservations in the alternative restaurants, but overall everyone has written very positive comments. I also have to ask why you would have paid as much as $120 for one meal. The most expenisve thing is $30 and that is one alternative dining place only which offers 1/2 price for kids. If you are considering wine in that price, you would be paying for wine whether in a specialty dining room or the main dining rooms. If you paid that much each night how would you know the food in the main dining rooms was so bad, it appears you didn't eat there. Did you try Endless Summer or the Italian restaurant? I am sorry if it sounds like I am picking your comments apart, but I think you may have been exagerating a little. The food being bad, that is subjective and I am not going to question your opinion on that but some of what you are saying seems like, you just plain didn't like cruising. Of course your son had a great time, any 10 year old wandering around alone would have a good time I would think.

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