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Default Re: wine, etc.

Originally Posted by cbashaw
we had no problems bringing wine(and liquor) in our luggage and the restaurants opened them with no corkage charge. The wine room outside Le Bistro has a great selection of fine wines, but are pricey.

As for the free restaurants, we ate at Aqua, La Trattoria, Versaille, Blue Lagoon. La Trattoria was good, Aqua and Blue Lagoon were awful. We were a party of 4 so it is easy to rack up $100 just for admission. Then, if you want particular items on the menu, you have to pay additional money on top of the admission fee. I consider that to be a ripoff!

Yes, this was our first time(and last) cruising. The talent(?) was a joke. The lady playing guitar @ Gatsby sounded like elevator music, and the indonesian group in the main lobby was akin to William Hung on American Idol...laughable.

Ok, now you have explained yourselves, cruising isn't for everyone. About 70% who cruise can't wait to cruise again, 20% can take it or leave it and 10% just don't enjoy it. Your problem seems to be more with cruising than with NCL, you just happen to pick NCL to trying cruising. I wouldn't say the additional charge (which is only a few $$s) is a rip off, again this comes from your never cruising before. Can you think of any resatuarant where you can get a whole Lobster with appitizer, salad, soup and dessert for $30? There are only one or two items on the menus with this exptra charge, you still can have lamb chops, rib eye steak or several other things for between $15 and $20 depending on which restaurant you select. I think you may be the first person I ever heard that didn't like Blue Lagoon for a quick snack.

Obviously all inclusive resorts would be a better bet for you. I do hope your next vacation is more enjoyable.

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