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This is totally incorrect. I was PR and Marketing Director for WBC in the 1990s and left in 1998 (before Mitch). I came back to help with crisis PR and sat in on all the meetings on the matter including those with the Coast Guard. The idea of sailing north, into what was projected to be the storm's path was reviewed and rejected. The ship had a very slow top speed and with the counter-clockwise spin of the storm, she would have been held to a virtual standstill trying to head north around the Yucatan. Once around, it would have been trapped in the western Caribbean with no where to run had the storm gone across the Yucatan and continued on to Mexico (as the generally do when striking in that area. So, they headed south to the lee of Roatan island (a long narrow island that normally would have acted as a wave buffer. No one predicted that the storm would or could turn SOUTH. (When was the last time other than Mitch do you remember a hurricane taking a southern turn?) I was speaking off the record to a Coast Guard official who told me that they did everything right. The storm just had other ideas... Mike Vegis
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