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We are planning our first cruise, probably 7 days to Mexico from LA.

Two of our choices are on Princess, either Dawn or Golden.

How to decide between the two?

As far as I'm concerned, it would be no contest.

>> MV Dawn Princess (and her sisters) have the best overall layout of any ship on which I have cruised. Traffic flows well, the interior spaces seem airy and spacious, even though many of them are quite intimate, and lounges are large enough for the crowds that they draw.

>> MV Golden Princess (and her sisters) have the most dysfunctional layout of any ship on which I have ever cruised. Many spaces feel downright claustrophobic, there are places that become very congested at certain times, and many facilities like the Wheelhouse Lounge fill up so those arriving cannot find seats.

So this is no contest. Given that choice, I would go with MV Dawn Princess every time.

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