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Crystal is always a wonderful experience. Pre=paid tips , plus cruise credit.. .. .. is a great deal!

Crystal Mermaid is right on all counts. On my first 2 Crystal cruises, I never realized that drinks, other than wine or champagne, ordered during the cocktail parties, were free. Now,....I always go to the bar and get a Bacaraiz martini. MMMmmmmm... I think it is on their martini menu.

Also, as a red wine lover, I do not like spending 7, or 8,...or $10, or more, for a glass of wine with dinner, each night. So, I bring my own box of FINE red wine. Every night before dinner, I pour myself a glass of wine in my cabin, and proceed to the dinner table. Or sometimes I stop by the Crystal cove bar to chat a bit. The staff seemed happy that I was drinking something. The most difficult part of this process was getting the room stewerdess to supply me with red wine glasses,.. ... one new glass for each day. There are 2 white wine glasses in the room, and they get replaced, but no red wine glasses. Maybe due to the larger size, red wine glasses in the cabin, seemed scarce.

My female companion was alergic to wine, so she made herself a mixed drink with the vodka she brought on board. Of course, mixers are provided, so, it was easy to do. We entered the dining room with our drinks in hand.

All right,...I have opened myself up. Let me hear it. I am cheap,...and it is a bit obtuse to do this. Ha, .. well,.. I like doing this, and it is easy. When I walk in the dining room, they think I am bringing in a drink from the bar!

I plan to cruise again,....and this money saved, helps me to go again.

The tips, for the specialty eateries, will come out of your shipboard account. So,...SnailMail,.... you are all set for that too! I tend to be a bit generous here, giving a bit more than the suggested amount. The wait staff usually works quite hard, and I find myself wanting to give them a little more.

Geesh,...I wonder how many boxes of wine I will need to bring with me for that world cruise I plan to take some day......... (:>
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