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Default Re: Anyone been to Margaritaville lately?

We went last week and a great drink Hurricane with a shot of southern comfort was great and 6.50 beers started at 3.00. It was relaxing to just relax and take it all in. Gift shop prices are just what they are but enjoy wearing it for the memories ! plan an sitting awhile to get served and we got nachos for about 7.00 morre than 2 people could eat. But if you go on a tour be sure to watch time there if you go late takes about 10 minutes to walk back to the peer and you will have to x-ray your bags out of the country to the ship. So if a long line you could cut it short. Many Many taxi's there to help just look for a red plate tho and they will take you where ever. Fun time and well worth it, we had stopped at the Key West one a few years back and Jimmy was there since he had family in town. Great to see, very relaxed and who knows ,he goes to to Jamacia often. Have a good time.
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