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Hope this helps.

Here is the phone number to call to see if quotes have been changed .

Telephone:(787) 547-1926

The Tourism Taxi Program, recently instituted by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, has simplified the fare structure between the airport and several major tourism zones in the San Juan area. Charge set rates as follows:

Zone 1: International Airport to Isla Verde and Punta Las Marias $8
Zone 2: Airport to Condado, Ocean Park and Miramar $12
Zone 3: Airport to Old San Juan, Tourism Piers and Puerta de Tierra $16.00
Zone 4: Piers to Old San Juan $6.00
Zone 5: Piers to Puerto de Tierra $6.00
Zone 6: Piers to Condado and Miramar $10.00
Zone 7: Piers to Isla Verde $16.00

Metered rates:

Minimum charge: $3.00
Initial charge $1.00 x 1/13 mile charge: $0.10waiting time (every 45 seconds): $0.10.
Each piece of additional luggage: $0.50
Extra piece of luggage (trunk): $1.00
Phone calls: $1.00
Reservation of unit: $5.00
Hourly rental charge: $20.00 Night (10 p.m. to 6 a.m.) over the meter charge: $1.00

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