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Originally Posted by DCDARLING
WOW, you guys are harsh, maybe the poor gal just wants to make sure she is around people her own age.... Cruises are for all ages, but seriously the average age on the 7 days cruises are usually in the 40's. I would go for a 3-5 day cruise maybe over Spring Break or Memorial Day... That's your best best, Good LUCK!
I was thinking the same thing. I think since the first impression of someone is a visual impression, appearance is momentarily important.

If a person is unappealing visually or polar opposite of "what you like", there is probably not enough time on cruises to get to know "how great" he or she may be.

It is fair to want to know the demographics of a group's participants. A 25 year old may not want to join a group of 50 year olds. A 40 year old may not want to be surrounded by people in their 70's or 20's.

The OP may be hoping for a pool of male counterparts that are in their physical prime. As is her right.
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