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Default Re: Jewel - Second Helpings & Black Sneakers

Originally Posted by Colorado Alison
Hi everyone,

My sons (two teenagers) and I are sailing on the Jewel Christmas week, and I have a couple of questions.

1) Can the boys were black leather sneakers with their Docker pants to dinner? Will that work instead of black dress shoes?

2) Can the boys request seconds of the entree that they ordered? They are growing boys and tend to eat a lot.

3) Can they go into the dining rooms on their own? In particular, the 24-hour restaurant on the Jewel?

Thank you very much for whatever information that you can provide.

Pretty much yes to everything. In the sur charge restaurants seconds on entrees are a no no, but you can have all the salads, apptizers etc you want. In the main dining rooms the boys can order as much as the want, wear black sneakers and certainly dine on their own. This is one of the biggest advantages, in my opinon, to freestyle dining when you have teens. they do not have to be stuck with their parents; they don't have to decide in advance what time to eat like other lines, and just have freedom from boring parents can be a big plus....
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