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The main buffet on Norwegian Star (11/24/07 to 12/2/07) was like hospital food. The eggs were cold in the morning. The oatmeal was like soup, I kid you not, it was watery. The danish and rolls were like those found in gas stations, only these were not wrapped in cellophane. As for lunch, there were no sandwiches or salad bars. Just a pre made ice berg salad. And some sort of stew over rice or noodles. We went the first day, and thought it must be because we are still in port. We gave it a try the next day and found the exact same menu. I wasn't even tempted by the deserts on this buffet, is that a clue as to how bad it was?

As for the buffet around the pool, the french fries were cold but OK. The hamburger was so dry and hard I couldn't eat it.

I would walk as fast as I could through that deck when I was forced to. And each time, I could see that the menu never faltered.

As for dinner, we only tried the $15 surcharge restuarants. At those we were pleased with the food. The service varied.

I will say the coffee was always good in every restaurant. But I am still at bit miffed at paying $71 for unlimited diet cokes for the week. I understand that used to be as low as $15 on other cruises.
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