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Default Does Your Cabin Affect How You are Treated?

I just completed a cruise in which my wife and I were traveling in the cheap seats - an inside cabin. In honesty, normally I travel in a balcony cabin, and too often the cruise line knows I am in the press, so I have to work at finding the "dirt" on cruise ships.

But in this case I was just another passenger. And I hate to say it, but my service in the dining room at least, was just terrible. And when I complained I was asked "what cabin are you in?" I told them my number. In the end, my complaints went mostly unanswered.

Now, I realize we all tip the same amount, but surely the cruise line cares if you paid $10,000 or $600 per person, right?

So, my question is, for those of you who have traveled in all kinds of cabins, do you think your cabin category affects how you are treated in places like the dining room or guest services department? especially if you have a complant. Have you ever felt like you were invisible?
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