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Please, if you are so inclined, file a complaint with your own states' Attorney General as well as the Florida AG. So far, we know we have had filings in New Jersey, Illinois, Ohio, Texas and Virginia, as well as Florida. The maximum amount of pressure that we can bring to bear will increase the likelihood that the various cruise lines, that breached contracts by charging their fully paid and/or booked customers before the implementation time, will honor their contracts.

It appears Carnival is waiving the surcharge for Canadians who booked through a Canadian TA or through Carnival directly prior to November 7th, but not if they booked through an American TA. RCI/Celebrity is now putting the surcharge on their European cruisers, but they are giving them until Dec 7th to book (not pay in full) without having to pay -- it will be for new bookings only after that date. Yes, there are more protective consumer laws in Canada and Europe-- but we Americans, who are the bulk of their customers are getting skewered.
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