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To everyone who is booked, do not dismay. You will have a great time. Definitely book the specialty resaurants; you won't regret it (book it early on). The ship is gorgeous with every single public room well designed and decorated. The dining room looks like a scene from Titantic. Our room was immaculate with unusually attentive staff in our huge junior suite. Music at various bars and lounges was absolutely terrific. The promenade is a great place to stroll and have a latte.

Breakfast at Windjammer was just fine (you can't ruin breakfast). Lunch there was similar to cafeteria food. And dinner in the dining room was usually good to sometimes very good. I noted a general decline in the food from past years, and service in the DR definitely more "casual" than I remember. Paul is correct. It seems that specialty coffees and such came at an inappropriately late time. We didn't order wine, so I can't comment. These comments do not apply to Portofino's, which was perfect in every way. I did lose my daughter's favorite Cinderalla thermos in the Windjammer and inquired several times at Lost and Found. Not there with a polite "Sorry. Try back again." No one made any special phone calls to Windjammer, but no problem. She got over it.

These things did not ruin my vacation, and they will not ruin yours!!! Happy sailing.
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