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Oceans - you will have a GREAT time - definitely do not be dissuaded. Sandy is correct in what she wrote that there has been a slight decline in the dining hall which may be just a product of time - people dont feel like getting dolled up on an ocena liner w/85 degree temperatures not to mention packing suits and dresses and shoes. We only went to the dining hal 2X - we went to Chops (which does have seafood incidently) twice and once to Portofinos - that dinner takes a while but thats italian style - leave a window of 2.5hrs to complete the meal. Definitely worth the $20 and if you are inclinded to do this, book immediately when you get on board - they WILL sell out and there's a very goood reason for that.

Our experience was on a scale of 1-10 an 11+. Your kids of that age will have a BLAST. This ship is highly rated by many others who have had terrific expereinces - dont worry whatsoever!

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