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Originally Posted by rinker250
You mention the Lido for jeans, tee shirts, shorts, etc.

The policy is "not in restaurants or public areas".

Please help me understand the definition of a public area that requires a dress code in the evening...and areas that do not.
It's pretty much "anything goes" in the Lido. As long as you are not wearing bathing suits without a cover up, are not in your bathrobe (though I've heard stories about some people dining there in their HAL robe), and have a shirt on ( ... I'm referring to the men here) ... you are welcome to enjoy the Lido in pretty much any attire. I guess they don't consider the Lido a true restaurant in terms of the dress code.

In fact, the whole Lido deck ... outside and inside ... is casual. If you choose to dine casual on a formal night, the problem is that the dress code is in force in ALL public areas on the ship, excluding the Lido. Therefore, the Lido deck would be your only option for evening entertainment ...

Now, that said, I will also say that I have never seen someone thrown out of a bar on a formal night because they weren't dressed formal. I have, however, seen people asked to leave the Ocean Bar when they bellied up to the bar in shorts and tee-shirts. Of course, the bartender handled everything very discretely and I only knew they were asked to leave when I saw them getting down from their barstools without being served. Had I not been looking, I would have never known.

So, yes, feel free to dine at the Lido any evening in casual attire. That's the whole purpose of that dining venue. Not everyone likes to get dressed up while they are on vacation. In fact, some of us don't even bother bringing along formal clothing on shorter cruises ...

Blue skies ...

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